Competition Tanning



Competition Tanning

In a world presentation is everything, Spray Tans For You is the choice of champions

Don't want to take a chance on a tan that runs on stage?

Want to win that trophy?

Don't want the stress of applying coat upon coat of tan?

Why dream about looking your best? Call 07907207378 to book your competition spray tanning appointment now!

Streak free, flawless everytime!

No painting, dripping or mess. Let us take the stress leaving you free to focus on your performance.

Don't settle for the ordinary .. look EXTRAORDINARY

competition tanning 01 helen lindsay


"Thanks so much for your help wih my tan for the NPA finals I'm very impressed with LSR - absolutley no running, a great colour on stage and it felt really comfortable as well"

helen lindsay pro card new york

HELEN LINDSAY WINNING HER PRO CARD IN NEW YORK  WNBF/INFB Championship Picutured with Pro Overall Winner Cheryl Myers at the New York WNBF/INBF Championships! 

Want a winning colour everytime?

Spray Tans For You can take all the stress from applying endless layers of tan!

Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer was designed to provide an intense, dark mahogany brown colour, which can be achieved with a two coat application the night before.

The phenomenal overnight development, rarely requires more than minor touch ups in the morning. Quick drying time and minimal rub off make this one of the most comfortable products to wear for your competition, and holds up exceptionally well on stage under intense lighting and heat. The distinct colour , makes it a standout on stage every time, enhancing muscle definition to the fullest.

The product has been formulated with great care, with years of research and contains moisturising ingredients vitamin E , Evening primrose, and Green Tea extract which are beneficial to your skin, to avoid the drying effects often associated with self tanning products.

Wake up being as dark as necessary for your competition, and less stressed, knowing you are ready to step on stage looking your very best.

Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer was developed with the serious competitor in mind. No harsh chemicals, smearing, staining, painting, rubbing or dripping...just a beautiful colour in minutes.  We recommend Liquid Sun Rayz Citrus Body Scrub and Liquid Sun Rayz Body Butter to compliment   the  perfect skin preparation.  

compeition tanning 02 cbb compeition tanning 02 cbb competition tanning 03 pg
 Citrus Body Scrub  Citrus Body Butter  Posing Glaze


Book the tan of professionals to book your appointment please complete the booking form.


Liquid Sun Rayz Competition Bronzer complies with the 'no instant tan' ruling of some bodybuilding competition federations including the IFBB, UKBFF and BNBF as well as NABBA, NAC, NPA, WBBF, EFB organisations.  It is not an instant tan and shouldn't be applied backstage. The last coat should preferably be a couple of hours before going on stage and is best  applied by a spray tan professional  in order for the tan to dry to apply Enhanced Definition Posing Glaze

competition tanning 04 tricky


competition tanning 05 doug pickering

Doug Pickering: "Just wanted to say a big thank you for my 1st competetition tan for UKBFF qualifier NEC May 23rd. It was my first professional tan and the results speak for themselves. The colour was perfect, there was no smell and it's fading naturally. I will definitely use the Liquid Sun Rayz product you provided again and your services again if I compete! It was one less thing that I didnt need to worry about in the long list of bodybuilding prep work that needs to be done.  Amazing colour. Thank you so much. Doug x"


competition tanning 06


competition tanning 07 mickay mckay

Micky McKay - Guest posing at the body power show 2010

competition tanning 08 micky mackay

Micky McKay 4th place mend 80kg UKBFF Nottingham 2010: "Liquid Sun Rayz the best tan on the market bar none!"


competition tanning 09 hanibal morris

Hanibal Morris (right) 5th place 90kg UKBFF finals Nottingham 2010

competition tanning 10 dave marshall

Dave Marshall UKBFF Bedford 2010 2nd place over 40'S


competition tanning 11 henry uko

Henry Uko 1st place, UK70JKG Beford 2010: "I competed in the U70kg at the UKBFF Muscletalk Championship 2010,the quality of Liquid Sun Rayz tan was amazing, it looks great on stage and pictures. And i will defo be using it in the finals"


We have different packages available call 07907 207378 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tanning Tips for First Time Competitors

In most cases, two coats of Liquid Sun Rayz competition Bronzer applied the day or night before the competition is sufficient.  However, for those who are extremely fair it may be advisable to apply a base coat two days before competing. This coat can be showered off before applying the final two coats the day before competition.

If we are going to be on site for the show you are competing in, we suggest scheduling an appointment with us for Friday/ Saturday afternoon/night

We would then apply at least two coats of competition color. If more color depth is needed, then we would apply an additional coat early the morning of competition. The color will develop over night and darken.

For the very best results, spend the week prior to competition moisturising your body using a moisturiser (but not on the day), we recommend Liquid Sun Rayz  citus Body Butter. The day before you receive your Liquid Sun Rayz competition Bronzer,  exfoliate with an oil free body scrub, such as Liquid Sun Rayz Citrus Sugar Scrub. Pay special attention to the knees, elbows, hands feet and heels. The better condition your skin is in, the better our product will absorb, the more flawless your tan will look, and you will have a more even fade after the competition.

The day of your spray tan, do NOT use moisturiser or deodorant. Wear old, LOOSE fitting clothing. It is also recommended that you do not put your posing suit on, or any other tight restrictive clothing, after having your color applied for at least 4-5 hours. Please try to have your posing practicing finished before being sprayed.

We do not recommend tanning beds to obtain a base color. If you choose to do so, DO NOT BURN, as you will start to peel and we will not be able to fix that part. Our solution and application technique will get you stage ready. This eliminates added expense, time and stress on your part.


See our gallery of competition clients below, click on an image to see full size


 Tania Rodrigues Body fitness UKBFF finals 2009












 LUKE BAGSTER (left) 2nd PLACE 80KG UKBFF 2010









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