January Promotion

January Promotion on our new range of tanning solutions

How many events do you need your tan for?

Birthday Treat

Friends Wedding


Christmas and New Yera's Eve parties

Pay £80 for full body tans in January normal price £35 each and get 12 months to use them (offer ends 15th January)

New organic rapid tanning solution

organic rapid tanning solution

Your tan can be as spontaneous as your social life with our Electric Tan formula. Are you attending an event and don't have time to wait before you can shower? This rapid-tan solution is faster-acting, better absorbing, and has enhanced DHA penetration. Do you find the 8-12 developing time an issue? Would you prefer to shower after 2-4 hours? Do you sometimes want to be lighter, but at another time of year be darker, without having to switch to an 'untried' formula, blend or depth? Do you want to avoid discolouration on bedding? Electric Tan is the perfect solution for all of these problems!

  • Can be washed off after 2 hours
  • Bronze tinted
  • Lightly scented
  • Contains 100% Eco-Certified DHA and is totally paraben-free

New anti-aging solution

anti aging solution

Our new anti aging organic tanning solution contains organic herbs and botanical plant extracts to give cutting edge anti-aging benefits and long lasting colour up to 12 days. Enriched with vitamin E and vitamin C liposomes that condition the skin and minimise free radical which contribute to long trerm skin damage. Contains coenzyme Q10 a vital metabloic substance which is linked to a number of remarkable health benefits including boosting the skins immune system and extended lifespan. Blended with green and white tea extracts providing well documented antioxidant beneifts. Phospholiphid lipsone technology and aloe vera extracts deliver advance moiusturising and skin care benefits also includes the newest and most powerful anti-aging complex - matrixyl 3000 which has been hailed as the 'new botox without the needle', it is scientifically proven to reduce wrinkles by 40-60%.

New sensitive skin tanning solution

sensitive skin tanning solution

Aloe Ver Juice. Rich in anti-oxidants this is the first line of defence against skin damage.