BNBF Central - the pictures

BNBF Central - the pictures

Spray tans for you had a great day at the BNBF centrals in St Albans.  A big thank you goes out to Abbs the owner of BODY LIMIT gym where we had a tanning room set up. Body Limit is a home to fitness and muscular development,  a family run, independent fitness centre with a very friendly atmosphere. With over 20 years experience in sports and nutrition where the likes of Eddie Abu , Carmen Marie Knights and Charles Claremont workout so we were priviliged to have been given the opportunity to be offer our tanning services there.

Below are some photos of the show and the our clients

graham mcann lightweight class winner

Graham McCann who won his the lightweight class - congratulations


andrew haldene far left tanned by spraytansforyou

Our client Andrew Haldene far left


stephen seager sprayed by spraytansforyou

Our Client Stephen  Seagar

our client carlos parados 2nd from left

Our Client Carlos Parados 2nd in from left