Daz Ball at Ripped Gym

Spray Tans For You were invited to Spray tan British Heavyweight bodybuilder Daz Ball as he participated in Muscletalks members photoshoot on 31st January 2010.

Daz is currently in off season but in amazing shape. We hope to see Daz again in October 2010 when he competes for his PRO card.

Watch Daz Ball's short clip of him posing at Ripped Gym in Harlow below.


Daz Ball competition tan by spraytansforyou

Photography by

Spray Tanning with Robert Kazinsky

Spray Tans For You were invitied to spray tan our client, the lovely ex Eastenders star Robert Kazinsky before he filmed his advert for Radox, where he suggested the extra hour gained from the clocks going back should be spent on ourselves GREAT TAN ROBERT... ENJOY!!

Robert Kazinsky Radox be selfish campaign tanned by spray tans for you